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Corporate Citizenship

One Green World

HGST's commitment to environmental responsibility is contributing to sustainability  through the advancement of technologies that contribute to eco-friendly products, the conservation of natural resources in manufacturing and shipping processes and the overall practice of reuse and recycling in our operations.

Environmental Vision

Promote and Protect a Sustainable Society

HGST aspires to help create a sustainable society that preserves the wellbeing of our planet. In line with this objective, HGST maintains practices and systems that promote, reinforce and measure success in the following areas:

  1. Integration of environmental strategies and activities in corporate business goals
  2. Support for the development and production of environmentally conscious products
  3. Product development that takes sustainability into account in areas such as ease of disassembly, recyclability of the final product and the use of materials that minimize toxicity
  4. Continuous operational process improvements that reduce adverse environmental impacts
  5. Operational behaviors that contribute to development of a recycling-oriented society
  6. Promotion of environmental safety, employee safety, and the safety of communities surrounding each of our plant sites
  7. Observation of international, national, and local laws and regulations
  8. Pursuit of improved customer satisfaction

If you have questions about HGST's environmental vision, policies or accomplishments, please contact one of the following HGST personnel:

For product-related inquiries, please contact Clifford Bast, Senior Global Manager, Product Environmental & EICC via email or by phone via the number on Contact Us page.

For operations-related inquiries, please contact Elizabeth Zimmermann, Director, Global Environmental, Health & Safety via email or by phone via the number on Contact Us page.

EcoTrac Products

EcoTrac The EcoTrac classification assists customers in selecting products that minimize environmental impact in the areas of product design, manufacturing, operation and disposal.
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