HGST India is home to a world-class systems team that has built a market leading and high performing SSD, released in June 2010. We are growing the team to take advantage of the opportunity to redefine the next generation high speed memory architectures and offer a dynamic and challenging environment, cutting edge technology, and a wealth of career growth options.

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At HGST we are transforming the world’s connection to information, so people can access what they need instantly and anywhere. We are trusted by the world’s largest organizations, HGST’S storage solutions are everywhere, touching lives and enabling possibilities for the enterprise, cloud computing and sophisticated infrastructures in healthcare, energy, finance and government.

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As part of our growing needs, we are looking for highly skilled software engineers with expertise in Linux/Windows/ESXi Kernal Development and Testing, experts in Openstack/Object storage and cloud technologies, web application developers and software testers.

Are you the kind of individual that would thrive at HGST?

Yes, that’s me:

  • Collaborate across teams
  • Create opportunities
  • Open to new ideas
  • Agile in uncertainty
  • Take initiative and ownership
  • Strive to be the best

Sorry, not a fit for me:

  • I don’t like change
  • I prefer work that is predictable
  • I don’t like to work in teams

To submit your CV for positions in Pune, please email your CV to or if you would like to see career opportunities around the world click here.


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  • Pune
    Training and Professional Development

    At HGST we have an innovative and high performance culture that promotes goal alignment, agility and collaboration. HGST is a great place to thrive and grow your career!

    HGST is dedicated to building great leaders and supporting ongoing career development for its employees. Managers and employees engage in ongoing and continuous feedback conversations focused on performance and development that help employees do their very best work – every day.

    HGST encourages employees to excel in their current role and to attain future career aspirations through a variety of development opportunities, including: on-the-job assignments and challenges; learning from connections, mentoring and communities; and through training/education activities to address gaps in skills and experience.

    HGST provides great opportunities if you enjoy collaborating across teams, strive to be the best, are open to new ways and new ideas, and are passionate and excited about the future.