Hitachi GST Launches Cloud Storage and Backup Service; First 3GB Free

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 9, 2011 — Imagine that all of your irreplaceable photos, home movies, address books, music collections and documents suddenly disappeared. Maybe it was a spilled drink, a theft or a natural disaster, but whatever the cause, the digital content stored on your local computer is gone forever. Unfortunately, accidents like this happen. According to a recent poll¹ sponsored by Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST) and conducted online by Harris Interactive, almost half of U.S adults who have digital data (45%) have lost photos, music, videos or documents, stored on a laptop or computer due to a virus, hardware or software malfunction or for another reason.

To create awareness and offer new ways to protect your content, Hitachi GST today announced, a simple and easy-to-use cloud storage service providing anywhere, anytime access to your digital content. And, best of all, the first 3 gigabytes (3GB) of online storage are free.

When using Hitachi's cloud storage service, your most important or cherished content is stored on secure online servers for accessing and sharing files from any web browser, tablet or smartphone — even from an Apple® iPhone® and iPad® app.  All content is stored in its natural format (no proprietary formatting), so files are easy to view, download and share from any web browser, anywhere. You can even share your online content with others by sending a web link. Backups can be performed continuously or as scheduled at a specific time in the day that’s convenient for you.

According to the poll, Hitachi GST has discovered that the majority of U.S adults have never used a cloud backup service (71%). Among those U.S adults who use another backup method² other than cloud, the top reasons why included: they wanted content physically nearby (31%), they’re concerned about data security and privacy online (26%), they think it’s too costly (22%) and they’re not sure how to do it (18%).  With today’s affordable, simple and secure solutions, many of the consumer behaviors and fears uncovered in this new national survey can be easily addressed. Hitachi shares the top five reasons to use

Top 5 Reasons to Use

  1. Secure: Hitachi GST utilizes the most advanced security technology to guarantee that your files are saved in the most secure way possible. All communication goes through an encrypted SSL channel, the same ones used by banking institutions.
  2. Simple: is as simple as turning on a light switch. Once our online backup software is installed on your computer or laptop, simply slide the online backup bar to “On” and all of your pictures, movies, music files and important documents are getting backed up to our secure remote servers. Plus, is both Mac and PC friendly.
  3. Affordable: Sign up today and get 3GB for free - no strings attached. For more storage, there is an option to upgrade to a quarter of a terabyte (250GB) for only $49 per year, which includes multiple computer protection. Upgrade to a paid account and receive the Apple iPhone or iPad mobile digital device apps for free.
  4. Available: Store your content in the cloud for anytime, anywhere access through any web browser. Even share files with friends and family using email links. You can also easily restore backed-up data if needed from anywhere, to anywhere without having access to your local drive.
  5. Flexible: Use to backup your computer, laptop or any brand of external hard drive. Once the Hitachi Backup software is installed, by default, it will copy everything in your user account, starting from docs and photos and then moves on to music and videos in the user folder, up to the available space. You can edit the default folders or add additional folders to better suit your backup needs.

Outside of offering as a standalone cloud storage service, Hitachi has been shipping this online backup service with several of its external hard drive families. The most recent is its new line of Touro™ Pro external storage and backup solutions. Hitachi external drives take data protection to the next level where users receive both local and online cloud backup in one integrated solution, within one interface — no more downloading and installing two separate programs. With Touro Pro, customers can have peace of mind in knowing that their data is both nearby and safely tucked away in the cloud. Hitachi Touro Pro solutions come in capacities ranging from 500GB ($109.99 MSRP) to 3TB ($229.99 MSRP).

"The launch of gives us the opportunity to reach out and educate consumers and small business owners on the importance of protecting their digital content,” said Mike Williams, vice president and general manager, Hitachi GST Branded Business. “The real question is not if backup is important, but whether the information you’re storing is important. For example, in the survey 76 percent of U.S adults listed digital photos and home videos as their most important files. gives users a simple and easy way not only to protect these files, but to access and share them from anywhere."

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Survey Methodology

¹ This study was conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Hitachi GST among 2,146 U.S. adults aged 18 and older from May 10-12, 2011 via its QuickQuery omnibus product. Figures for age, sex, race/ethnicity, education, region and household income were weighted where necessary to bring them into line with their actual proportions in the population. For additional information including weighting variables please contact

² Other backup devices in the survey included an external hard drive, a network attached storage device (i.e. an external drive that is connected by Ethernet to a router), flash drive/USB key or CD/DVD.

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