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Enterprise Storage

Enterprise Solid State Drives and Hard Drives for Reliable 24/7 Enterprise Storage

Selecting the right enterprise SSD or HDD can make a difference in managing data growth, optimizing power and cooling, and improving performance to help lower TCO.

HGST offers the most advanced SAS SSDs and enterprise hard drives to support the enterprise infrastructure where SSDs and hard drives must integrate seamlessly in tiered storage environments. Each HGST enterprise SSD or hard drive has an award-winning, proven design; features a 5-year warranty; and has the industry’s highest 2 million hour MTBF1 rating for greater reliability, improved uptime and longer field life.

Enterprise SATA

Built for capacity.

First 4TB SATA hard drive for capacity-optimized applications such as big data and cloud storage where storage density, watt-per-GB and cost-per-GB are critical metrics.

ultrastar enterprise hard drives


Capacity-optimized up to 4TB with 2M hours MTBF.

Enterprise SAS & FC

Built for performance.

High performance, high capacity 3.5-inch 15K RPM and 2.5-inch 10K RPM hard drives for cost-effective Tier 1 high-transactional computing environments.

Ultrastar C10K1200


Highest capacity of any 10K RPM drive. Power efficient performance. Mission-critical reliability.

Enterprise SSD

Built for extreme performance.

Advanced SLC and MLC SAS SSDs provide ultra-high performance and endurance, and ease integration into new or existing mission-critical servers and storage system designs.

Ultrastar SSD800MH enterprise sata hard drive


Up to 800GB capacity with 12Gb/s SAS interface for industry-leading performance.

1This MTBF rating is based on a sample population and is estimated by statistical measurements and acceleration algorithms under nominal operating conditions. MTBF ratings are not intended to predict an individual drive’s reliability. MTBF does not constitute a warranty.