On-premise Cloud Storage Transforms Backup, Recovery and Archive Operations

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Today's large data sets and shrinking backup and recovery windows are creating a huge challenge for storage administrators. It is becoming nearly impossible to meet service levels using legacy storage systems and backup methods in today's complex data center environment.

Having instant access to data enables businesses to drive faster decision-making, accelerate product innovation and develop new revenue streams but legacy backup systems have accessibility limitations. The combination of HGST Active Archive System and certified data management software delivers a unified cloud-scale backup, recovery and archive storage solution that addresses these challenges.

Certified Software Providers

HGST Active Archive Systems are ideal for Backup, Recovery and Archive.

  • Backup as a Service for private and public clouds
  • Data management
  • Data security
  • Disaster recovery
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ActiveScale P100 system integrates large scale with compelling TCO.

  • Architecture for unified file and object storage
  • Highly scalable, modular
  • Cloud-based storage analytics
  • Openstack compatibility

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ActiveScale P100

ActiveScale P100 System