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Welcome to the HGST Partner Center. By working together, we'll succeed together.

The HGST Partner Center gives you fast access to a wide range of invaluable programs, tools and resources that will save you time and help you be more successful as an HGST Partner. Our programs are designed to complement our diverse partner ecosystem.

Because some benefits may be offered separately and individually, your HGST representative can work with you to provide you with the selected availability in your region.

At HGST, we’re team players. Our Partners First™ program means we can work closely together to make your business run as smoothly as possible. It gives you fast access to a wide range of invaluable tools and resources which will save you time, and help you make more successful as an HGST Partner. Best of all, this invaluable technical and business support is available just when you need it – ask your HGST representative for details. Learn more about the benefits of joining HGST’s partner community:

Technical Support:
Expert advice, tools and resources to keep your business running smoothly

Added-value Support:
Information and facilities to help make day-to-day operations trouble-free

Partner Marketing Center:
Advice, resources and collateral to make your business stand out from the crowd

Access to the Partners First Program is available for HGST Business Partners, Authorized Distributors, Resellers/VARs, Systems Builders, Direct Marketing Resellers and Retailers.

If you are having issues accessing the HGST Partner Center, please contact the HGST Partners Help Desk at

The G-Technology© Premier Partner Program is a voluntary program for resellers which has been designed to assist our partners who are working hard to delight their customers with professional-level storage solutions. G-Technology is committed to working with you to provide products that your customers want and a program to assist you with your sales, marketing and support efforts, so that you can deliver more value to our mutual customers.

To learn more about the requirements and benefits, click the registration button below.

 If you are already in our Premier Partner Program and would like access to your profile, MSRP Price List or Sales & Marketing tools, log in below. If you have questions or would like additional information, please send an inquiry to:

The HGST Enterprise Partner Program (EPP) has been exclusively implemented for authorized Value Added Resellers and System Integrators. Our Partners benefit from collaborative activities including education, training, deal registration discounts, and access to market development funds.

Currently the EPP Program is offered as a standalone program (outside of the HGST Partner Center). Eligible products include HGST‘s PCIe SSD, certain SAS SSDs, and Software (HDDs are currently not included).

If you are having issues accessing the HGST Partner Center, please contact the HGST Partners Help Desk at

For any queries relating to your partner program participation, or if you are having issues with your user name and password, please contact the partners help desk at