HGST Technology Alliance Partner Program

Welcome to the HGST Partner Center. By working together, we'll succeed together.

The HGST Partner Center gives you fast access to a wide range of invaluable programs, tools and resources that will save you time and help you be more successful as an HGST Partner. Our programs are designed to complement our diverse partner ecosystem. Because some benefits may be offered separately and individually, your HGST representative can work with you to provide you with the selected availability in your region.


The HGST Technology Alliance Partner Program helps partners accelerate their time to market, leverage opportunities where HGST outperforms competitors and collaborate in Go-To-Market activities to increase revenue. Partners can collaborate with HGST’s existing partner network and differentiate themselves from competitors with co-branded collateral and joint solution delivery. The goal is simple: Deliver a joint product that is stronger than the sum of its individual components and deliver benefits that are beyond what a “DIY” approach can accomplish.

Overview with benefits

We are excited to have you on the HGST team. We are committed to making the Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program the industry’s premier partner program. Your active membership is integral to making that happen. It’s important for all of us to build multiple channels to deliver value to customers: We look forward to working together to build a winning strategy. We want to help you outperform competitors and to exceed your own expectations. Consider the HGST partner ecosystem and on-staff experts as resources to help you attract new customers, add new services, and grow your business.

The TAP Program engages with a select group of partners in joint initiatives on a variety of fronts (including Engineering, Marketing, and Sales) to establish a strong technology partnership with HGST.

Key benefits include:
  • Discounted demonstration units and sample equipment
  • Training
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Sales/Channel collaboration

We are proud of the relationships we have established with partners like you, and we are excited about the opportunity to continue to innovate and grow together. Be sure to visit the HGST Partner Portal often to get the latest information.

If you are interested in joining the Technology Alliance Program or want to share your thoughts with us, please email us at alliances@hgst.com. We constantly work to offer you the most valuable and comprehensive program benefits. We welcome all feedback about the TAP program.