Travelstar Z5K1000

Travelstar Z5K1000

1.0TB & 750GB
2.5-inch 7mm
Mobile Hard Drive

  • Slim Shape – 7.0mm z-height fits thin and light PCs
  • Big Capacity – Up to 1TB for capacity-hungry, ultra-thin designs
  • Industry-best Ruggedness – Protects against bumps and rough handling in mobile environments

When you need more capacity for your mobile devices without the hassle and the weight of external storage, choose the Travelstar® Z5K1000 7mm, 5400 RPM 2.5-inch hard drives.  Its innovative design doubles number of platters in the same size enclosure, and gives you up to 2X more capacity. This would replace the standard 9.5mm HDDs. Capacities range from in 640GB to 1TB. For capacity, performance in an eco-friendly, rugged design, choose the Travelstar Z5K1000.

Standard Models
Model # / Part #
SATA 6Gb/s
Capacity (GB)
1TB / 750
Sector Size (Variable, Bytes/sector)
Max Areal Density (Gbits/sq. in.)
Data Buffer (MB)
Rotational Speed (RPM)
Latency Average (ms)
Interface Transfer Rate (MB/sec, max)
Media Transfer Rate (Mbits/sec, max)
Seek Time (read, ms, typical)
Seek Time: Track to Track (typical) ms (read)
Seek Time: Full Stroke (typical) ms (read)
Load/Unload Cycles
Idle (Bels)
Operational (Bels, typical)
+5VDC (+-5%)
Startup (W, peak, max)
Read/Write (W, avg)
Active Idle (W, avg)
Performance Idle (W, avg)
Standby (W, avg)
Seek (W, avg)
Sleep (W)
Physical Size
Z-Height (mm)
Dimensions (width x depth, mm)
70 x 100
Weight (g, max)
Environmental (operating)
Ambient Temperature
0° to 60° C
Shock (half-sine wave)
400G/2ms, 225G/1ms
Environmental (non-operating)
Ambient Temperature
-40° to 65° C
Shock (half-sine wave)
1000G/1 ms


  • Up to 1TB1 of capacity
  • Advanced Format, 512-byte emulation
  • 6Gb/s SATA interface
  • Dual-stage Actuator (DSA)
  • Low power consumption
  • Halogen-free for eco-friendly design
  • Self-encrypting models for data security

Applications / Environments

  • Notebook and ultra-portable PCs
  • External storage
Declaration of BNST Free Compliance

HGST products identified within this document are BNST-free and in compliance with Canada’s Prohibition of Certain Toxic Substances Regulation, 2012. 

Agency Approval Letter
REACH Certificate of Compliance for HGST Storage Products

REACH Certificate of Compliance for HGST Storage Products.

Agency Approval Letter
RoHS II Compliance and Exemptions for HGST Storage Products

Identifies HGST storage products that comply with the European Union Directive 2011/65/EU on the restriction of use of certain hazardous substances (“RoHS Directive”).

Agency Approval Letter
Travelstar Z5K1000 Agency Approval Letters

This statement certifies that the Travelstar Z5K1000 hard disk drive meets the criteria for electronic products safety standards in all included regions.

Agency Approval Letter
Travelstar Z5K1000 Data Sheet

This two-page document gives the highlights, best-fit applications, model,numbers and basic technical specs for the Travelstar Z5K1000 data sheet

Data sheet
Travelstar Z5K1000 OEM Specification

This document details the functional and interface specification information for the Travelstar Z5K1000 hard drive

HGST Advanced Format Technology Brief

This document provides a high-level overview of Advanced Format hard drives, the latest 4K block structure used to storage information on hard disk drives.

Technology Brief
Design Flexibility with 7mm Z-series Drives

Design Flexibilitly with 7mm Z-Series Hard Drives

White Paper
Dual Stage Actuator

This three-page white paper provides an overview of the implementation and benefits of our Dual Stage Actuator technology, in use today on some HGST HDDs.

White Paper
Enhanced Adaptive Battery Life Extender (ABLE)

"ABLE is a power efficiency tool, which maps the power consumption of a hard drive to specified drive usage parameters based on options input by the host system integrator."

White Paper
Fluid Dynamic Bearing Spindle Motors

This white paper addresses the shift from ball bearing to fluid dynamic bearing motors, as well as the attributes and issues associated with each type of motor.

White Paper
High-Pinning Iridium-Manganese-Chromium (IrMnCr)Read Sensors for High Reliability & Stability White Paper

This white paper describes High-Pinning Iridium-Manganese-Chromium (IrMnCr) read sensors and their role in delivering high reliability & stability in hard drives.

White Paper
How to Guide: Bulk Data Encryption
This guide is intended to help Distributors with the setup and use of HGST hard drives with the Bulk Data Encryption feature. It is not intended as an end-user manual.
White Paper
It's Happening Now: This Is the Tera Era
White paper describing the major advancements and innovations leading to the Tera Era.
White Paper
Iterative Detection Read Channel Technology in Hard Disk Drives

A technology white paper describing the development and application of iterative detection read channels in hard disk drives.

White Paper
Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Technology White Paper

A white paper describing Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Technology, its implementation on hard drives and contrasts to Longitudinal recording

White Paper
Ramp Load/Unload Technology

A white paper describing how low/unload ramp technology works and the many benefits to hard drive power efficiency, shock tolerance, performance, longevity and reliability.

White Paper
Safeguarding Your Data with HGST Bulk Data Encryption

A white paper the describes how HGST Bulk Data Encryption safeguards data on models equiped with the feature

White Paper
Thermal Fly-height Control (TFC) Technology in HGST Hard Disk Drives

A white paper describing the use of Thermal Fly-height Control (TFC) technology in HGST Hard Disk Drives.

White Paper
TrueTrack Technology Overview

TrueTrack technology is a series of significant servo inventions that increase hard disk reliability, increases robustness of the drive and eases system integration

White Paper