2U24 Flash Storage Platform

2U24 Flash Storage Platform

Designed for Software-Defined Storage (SDS) systems, this flash storage platform balances performance with capacity, delivering high IOPS, low latency at up to 184TB capacity.

  • High Density – Up to 24 2.5” SAS or SATA SSD modules in a 2U unit
  • Scalable – Connect up to six hosts via the 12Gb/s SAS3 interface
  • Performance – Up to 4.7M IOPS, 23 GB/s, less than 1ms latency

The 2U24 Flash Storage Platform is a key element of next generation Software-Defined Storage (SDS) systems. It offers performance advantages as well as flexibility to improve compute-to-capacity ratio by decoupling available storage from CPU resources.

Flash Performance

Depending on the type of SSDs and the number of drives installed, the 2U24 Platform can be configured to deliver the performance you need.

Model Number 1ES0243 1ES0241 1ES0242 1ES0240 1ES0107 1ES0110 1ES0108 1ES0111
SSD Type SATA, 960GB SATA, 1.92TB SAS, 3.84TB SAS, 7.68TB
Endurance Read-Intensive, 0.6DW/D Read-Intensive, 1DW/D
# of Drives 12 24 12 24 12 24 12 24
Capacity (TB) 11.52 23.04 23.04 46.08 46.08 92.16 92.16 183.32
4KB Random Read IOPS 735,000 3,000,000 4,700,000 3,000,000 4,700,000
4KB Random Write IOPS 312,000 336,000 672,000 264,000 528,000
Seq Read BW (MB/s) 5,700 21,350 23,000 17,800 23,000
Seq Write BW (MB/s) 4,600 12,350 23,000 12,100 23,000

Results are based on internal testing and/or projections. Results and performance may vary according to system adoption, configuration and broader system architecture.

Designed for Enterprise and the Cloud

The 2U24 Flash Storage Platform addresses the demanding storage needs of large enterprises and Cloud service providers. With performance of up to 4.7M IOPS, 23 GB/s and less than 1ms latency, the Platform is the ideal solution for accelerating enterprise workloads such as Database, Virtualization and Scale-Out configurations. The flash platform delivers up to 184TB storage capacity, can be connected to up to six hosts via the 12Gb/s SAS3 interface, and offers enterprise-specific features including:

- Enterprise-class High Availability: hot swappable SSDs, IO Modules, and PSUs
- Fully upgradeable: upgradeable firmware enables drive technology and capacity updates without impacting applications

1+1 I/O Modules (IOM), 3 Mini-SAS HD ports per IOM
Capacity (GB)
12Gb/s SAS SSD (1DW/D): 3.84TB, 7.68TB
6Gb/s SATA SSD (0.6DW/D): 960GB, 1.92TB
Form Factor
2U, 24 x 2.5” SSDs
SCSI Enclosure Services
1+1 600W, 80+ Gold
90-264V AC input, auto ranging, 47-63Hz
Capacity / Physical Size
87.4mm (3.44”)
446mm (17.56”)
536mm (21.1”)

Product without SSDs: 18.3kg (40.3lbs)
Product with 24 SSDs: 23.7kg (52.3lbs)

Power and Cooling: Operating
Cooling Fans
3 fan-modules per power supply, front-to-rear system cooling
Fan speed turning via system management interface
Environmental (operating)
Altitude (m)
40°C @ 3,000ft
Operating Temperature
5 to 40°C
Non-Operating Temperature
-40 to 60°C
5 to 85% relative humidity
Sound Power
< 7.2Bels @ 23±2°C


  • All-flash platform with up to 24 Ultrastar® 2.5” SAS SSD modules or 24 CloudSpeed™ Gen II SATA SSD modules
  • Available SSD capacities: 7.68TB, 3.84TB, 1.92TB, and 960GB
  • Start with as little as 12 SSDs, upgrade one additional module at a time
  • Up to 4.7M IOPS, 23 GB/s; <1ms latency
  • Up to six 12Gb/s SAS3 connections to host
  • 2 rack units
  • Easy maintenance: SSD modules are front accessible and hot swappable
  • 5-year limited warranty
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REACH Certificate of Compliance for HGST Storage Products.

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EMA Report: Prescriptive Guide to Achieving Extreme Data Durability

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) whitepaper “Prescriptive Guide to Achieving Extreme Data Durability” discusses data durability, the shortcoming of existing data protection schemes, and how object-based storage overcomes many of the current limitations.

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Freeform Dynamics Report: Getting into Software-Defined Storage

This Inside Track Research Note from Freeform Dynamics, “Getting into Software-Defined Storage—What you need to know before you start”, is an introductory guide on Software-defined Storage (SDS) that discusses key considerations for planning and deploying an SDS project.

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2U24 Flash Platform Data Sheet

The 2U24 Flash Storage Platform is designed for Software-Defined Storage (SDS) systems. It balances performance with capacity, delivering high IOPS, low latency at up to 184TB capacity.

Data sheet
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