Ultrastar SS200 SAS SSD

Ultrastar SS200 SAS SSD

7.68TB, 3.84TB, 1.92TB, 960GB, 480GB | 1DW/D
3.2TB, 1.6TB, 800GB, 400GB | 3DW/D
Enterprise 12Gb/s SAS
Solid-State Drives

  • High Performance – Maximum read throughput up to 1,800MB/s
  • High Capacity – Up to 7.68TB in a 2.5-inch SFF drive
  • Endurance Choice – Support for mixed-use and read-intense workloads

Leveraging widely deployed SAS storage infrastructure to scale out enterprise flash is critical for budget-conscious data centers trying to keep pace with an ever increasing volume and velocity of data generated daily. The Ultrastar® SS200 solid-state drive (SSD) is a 12Gb/s SAS Enterprise SSD from HGST that helps transform hybrid and all-flash data centers by scaling flash storage capacities using workload-optimized solutions to deliver exceptional value. Data center managers can target performance acceleration of mixed-use application workloads such as Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) or push the capacity envelope on read-intensive workloads like data warehousing and corporate file servers. HGST continues to build on its strong tradition of leading-edge SAS SSD products to deliver more capacity, improved performance and continued emphasis on reliability to enable universal flash adoption in enterprise storage.

SAS 12Gb/s
SAS 12Gb/s
Capacity (GB)
3.2TB, 1.6TB, 800GB, 400GB
7.68TB, 3.84TB, 1.92TB, 960GB, 480GB
Form Factor
Sequential Read (max MB/s, 128KiB)
Sequential Write (max MB/s, 128KiB)
Random Read (max IOPS, 4KiB)
Random Write (max IOPS, 4KiB)
Mixed Random Read/Write (max IOPS 70%R/30%W, 4KiB)
Error Rate (non-recoverable, bits read)
< 1 in 1017
< 1 in 1017
MTBF (M hours)
2.5M hours
2.5M hours
Annual Failure Rate (AFR)
Limited Warranty (yrs)
3 (Drive writes per day)
1 (Drive writes per day)
Data Durability
3-month at 40°C
3-month at 40°C
5V & 12V (DC +/- 5%)
5V & 12V (DC +/- 5%)
Operating (W, typical)
9 or 11 (configurable)
9 or 11 (configurable)
Idle (W)
3.8 to 4.3
3.8 to 4.3
Physical Size
Z-Height (mm)
Dimensions (width x depth, mm)
69.85 x 100.45
69.85 x 100.45
Weight, Without Bracket (g)
Environmental (operating)
Case Temperature
0°C to 70°C
0°C to 70°C


  • Enterprise-grade 12Gb/s SAS SSD; backward compatible with 6Gb/s SAS
  • Capacity points: 400GB to 7.68TB in 2.5-inch drive form factor
  • Maximum read throughput up to 1,800MB/s
  • Up to 250,000 4KiB IOPS in random reads
  • Up to 1,000MB/s sequential writes
  • Endurance of 3 or 1 random drive writes per day (DW/D) for 5 years
  • Instant Secure Erase (ISE) & Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) options including TCG Enterprise
  • 5-year limited warranty

Mixed Use Applications & Workloads (400GB - 3.2TB)

  • Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) Databases
  • Financial Transactions
  • E-Commerce
  • E-Mail / Messaging / Collaboration
  • Virtual Environments

Read-intensive Workloads (480GB - 7.68TB)

  • ERP, CRM, and Data Warehouse
  • Video Streaming, Video-on-Demand
  • File Servers
  • Database Analytics
REACH Certificate of Compliance for HGST Storage Products

REACH Certificate of Compliance for HGST Storage Products.

Agency Approval Letter
RoHS II Compliance and Exemptions for HGST Storage Products

Identifies HGST storage products that comply with the European Union Directive 2011/65/EU on the restriction of use of certain hazardous substances (“RoHS Directive”).

Agency Approval Letter
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Ultrastar SS200 Data Sheet

The Ultrastar SS200 SSD from HGST is a 12Gb/s SAS Enterprise SSD with capacities up to 7.68TB plus two endurance options to deliver exceptional value to data centers.

Data sheet
General End User License Agreement

This end-user license agreement ("EULA") is a legal agreement between you and HGST, Inc. on behalf of itself and its affiliates ("HGST") that governs your use of the software product (the "Software Product") which works with the identified products.

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SS200 Endurance: 1 DW/D
7.68TB 0TS1408 SDLL1HLR-076T-CCA1 0TS1407 SDLL1HLR-076T-CAA1 0TS1409 SDLL1HLR-076T-CDA1
3.84TB 0TS1404 SDLL1MLR-038T-CCA1 0TS1403 SDLL1MLR-038T-CAA1 0TS1405 SDLL1MLR-038T-CDA1
1.92TB 0TS1400 SDLL1CLR-020T-CCA1 0TS1399 SDLL1CLR-020T-CAA1 0TS1401 SDLL1CLR-020T-CDA1
960GB 0TS1396 SDLL1DLR-960G -CCA1 0TS1395 SDLL1DLR-960G-CAA1 0TS1397 SDLL1DLR-960G -CDA1
480GB 0TS1392 SDLL1DLR-480G -CCA1 0TS1391 SDLL1DLR-480G-CAA1 0TS1393 SDLL1DLR-480G -CDA1
  Endurance: 3 DW/D
3.2TB 0TS1388 SDLL1MLR-032T-CCA1 0TS1387 SDLL1MLR-032T-CAA1 0TS1389 SDLL1MLR-032T-CDA1
1.6TB 0TS1384 SDLL1CLR-016T-CCA1 0TS1383 SDLL1CLR-016T-CAA1 0TS1385 SDLL1CLR-016T-CDA1
800GB 0TS1380 SDLL1DLR-800G-CCA1 0TS1379 SDLL1DLR-800G-CAA1 0TS1381 SDLL1DLR-800G-CDA1
400GB 0TS1376 SDLL1DLR-400G-CCA1 0TS1375 SDLL1DLR-400G-CAA1 0TS1377 SDLL1DLR-400G-CDA1

ISE = Instant Secure Erase | SE = Secure Erase | SED = Self-encrypting Drive | TCG = Trusted Computing Group Encryption