ActiveScale P100

ActiveScale P100

Our lowest cost of entry modular object storage system that can scale to 23PB (raw), deliver high durability and facilitate a data forever approach.

  • ActiveScale™ P100 is our lowest cost of entry object storage solution. Typically found in Fortune 5000 customers with capacity needs less than 5PB, the P100 can scale to 23PB. With a modular storage architecture and patented dynamic data placement, you can grow your system without re-balancing, move gracefully across generations, and avoid forklift upgrades.
  • Ready to deploy - Rapidly deploys into existing rack space
  • Scalable - Scales up to 2PB (raw) and scales out to over 23PB (raw)
  • Highly Resilient - Patented technologies provide up to 19 nines of data durability
  • Excellent TCO - Low acquisition cost, power/TB, and operating costs
  • Easy to Use - Manage the entire namespace from a single pane of glass

Extensible, fully integrated
architecture for object storage

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ActiveScale Architecture

The ActiveScale object storage architecture is designed for massive scale, provides data durability, addresses the limitations of RAID and file structure, and delivers CapEx/OpEx affordability.

ActiveScale P100 System

ActiveScale P100 is our lowest cost of entry object storage solution. Typically found in Fortune 5000 customers with capacity needs less than 5PB, the P100 can scale to 23PB (raw). With a modular storage architecture and patented dynamic data placement, you can grow your system without re-balancing, move gracefully across generations, and avoid forklift upgrades.

A Powerful Ecosystem

Our technology alliance partners provide software solutions that integrate with the ActiveScale object storage system. With a certified integrated solution, we deliver innovation and flexibility to end users, providing a powerful ecosystem that helps simplify deployment and accelerate time to value.

Professional Services

ActiveScale Professional Services are available to assist in the installation and implementation of your object storage solution. Customers with constrained resource environments immediately benefit from the additional flexibility in implementing new technology.


ActiveScale offers complete customer support services to ensure you get the most out of your ActiveScale purchase. Enterprise and mission-critical support service options are available to protect your investment.


  • Ready to Deploy – Rapidly deploys into existing rack space
  • Scalable – Scales up to 2PB (raw) and scales out to over 23PB (raw)
  • Highly Resilient – Patented technologies provide up to 19 nines of data durability
  • Excellent TCO – Low acquisition cost, power/TB, and operating costs
  • Easy to Use – Manage the entire namespace from a single pane of glass

Best Fit Applications

REACH Certificate of Compliance for HGST Storage Products

REACH Certificate of Compliance for HGST Storage Products.

Agency Approval Letter
RoHS II Compliance and Exemptions for HGST Storage Products

Identifies HGST storage products that comply with the European Union Directive 2011/65/EU on the restriction of use of certain hazardous substances (“RoHS Directive”).

Agency Approval Letter
DeepStorage Technology Validation Report: Object Storage as a Backup Target - HGST Active Archive System Delivers for Commvault Data Platform

While the tools and techniques used to manage data change every decade or so, IT professionals will continue backing up their systems to protect them from the unexpected. While deduplicating backup targets eased the transition from tape to disk, backup object storage systems like the HGST Active Archive System may be a better solution for today’s large backup users. Now that backup applications support writing directly to object storage, eliminating the need for problematical and costly NAS gateways, enterprise users should seriously consider using a local object store as their primary backup target.

This paper validates the Active Archive System with the Commvault Data Platform as a large-scale backup target. This paper includes:

  • Using a single multi-petabyte object storage for archival and backup
  • Using software deduplication and Active Archive to achieve 10¢ or less per GB
  • How Active Archive can eliminate the need for forklift upgrades

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Analyst Report
Dragon Slayer: The Data Center Storage Dilemma

IT organizations are awash in digital data creation and the nature of this data is changing as well. Data durability is a big issue w/legacy storage @ scale and object storage has become the prevailing answer to address challenges in the data center

Analyst Report
EMA Brief: HGST Maximizes Savings with Object Storage Management Suite

The HGST object storage system is an cost-effective storage solution with an efficient, proactive management platform, providing the solution needed to address data growth, meet service level agreements, and maximize administrative resources.

Analyst Report
EMA Report: Prescriptive Guide to Achieving Extreme Data Durability

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) whitepaper “Prescriptive Guide to Achieving Extreme Data Durability” discusses data durability, the shortcoming of existing data protection schemes, and how object-based storage overcomes many of the current limitations.

Analyst Report
ESG Infographic: Object Storage, the Foundation for Next-Gen IT
Object storage is the prevailing storage technology behind some of the largest cloud storage providers in the world today. It’s quickly becoming the foundation for next-gen IT
Analyst Report
ESG Report: Strong Versus Weak Consistency - Why You Should Start From a Position of Strength

Understand the differences in eventual vs. strong consistency so you can choose the best model for your workloads and applications in your enterprise environment.

Analyst Report
ESG Solution Showcase: HGST Active Archive System Provides Plug-and-play Simplicity and Cloud Scale

The HGST Active Archive System reflects HGST’s move from component player to provider of a turnkey object storage system at a time when the storage industry is ripe for alternatives to file and block storage. This system should appeal to data center managers looking for a plug-and-play solution that helps them transition to hybrid cloud storage, back up data, archive that data, and keep it accessible for research and analytics. In addition to providing easy access, scalability, and security, this media-agnostic system is likely to be less expensive than traditional storage.

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Analyst Report
ESG Solution Showcase: HGST Object Storage for a New Generation of IT

Under increased pressure from decades of rapid data growth coupled with a desire to unlock greater value from data via analytics, IT organizations have begun to seek new data storage alternatives. For many environments, the status quo of traditional storage cannot provide the scale, the flexibility, or the cost-effectiveness required by today’s application environment. The HGST Active Archive System seeks to provide an answer with its software-defined object storage architecture designed to deliver a flexible and cost-effective design option while supporting massively scalable storage.

This white paper answers the questions: Why IT is deploying object storage; Why HGST object storage for a perfect fit today's IT workloads; and How object storage fits into the big picture of data storage technology.

Analyst Report
Evaluator Group Report: Integrating Data Protection and Active Archiving, a Technology Insight Paper from the Evaluator Group

Data protection has long been fundamental to properly managing enterprise information. Yet it is an increasingly complicated endeavor now as enterprise IT encounters new demands requiring different capabilities than those currently used. New solutions that can be scaled simply and economically are now required. In addition, ones that go beyond backup and beyond recovery to include analytics for decision systems and discovery may also be required.

This paper examines using the HGST Active Archive system with Veritas NetBackup@reg; software. This paper includes:

  • Data availability at scale
  • Manageability and disaster recovery capabilities

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Analyst Report
Evaluator Group Report: Solving Capacity Growth Issues, a Technology Insight Paper

The amount of newly created information continues to increase and organizations are attempting to address problems created by different means. Most are searching for long-term solutions, understanding that the problems created by increasing capacity demands require changes in operational practices and reduced costs for preserving and protecting information. Certain industries such as life sciences, healthcare, media & entertainment, and cloud services providers are experiencing problems more acutely because of scale of the amount of content created but almost all organizations have issues from increased capacity demands.

This paper examines using the HGST Active Archive system for capacity scaling impacts. This paper includes:

  • Data protection and recovery devices
  • Physical infrastructure including connectivity, power, space and cooling
  • Administrative staff to manage data and systems

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Analyst Report
Evaluator Group Report: Solving Data Protection: HGST Active Archive System & Commvault, a Technology Insight Paper

Data protection is a fundamental requirement in managing information and yet it is a complicated endeavor with differing demands requiring different capabilities. Continuing increases in the amount of created content that must be stored and protected complicates the practices for protecting information, necessitating new solutions that can economically and simply scale. The precipitating event of meeting the capacity increase demands for data protection becomes an inflection point for addressing overall concerns including recovery point concerns leading to near-continuous data protection, backup and recovery time operational impacts, and additional burdens from use of protected data beyond disaster recovery. Usages beyond recovery may include analytics for decision systems and discovery.

This paper examines the capabilities when HGST Storage and Commvault software are combined to cover the needed features for data protection. This paper includes:

  • Data protection requirements
  • File Archiving
  • Availability and replication

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Analyst Report
Freeform Dynamics: Rethinking long term data management

This market brief highlights the importance of active archiving and how backups and archives are not one in the same

Analyst Report
IDC: HGST's Active Archive System Targets Cloud-Scale Deployments

This IDC Technology Assessment assesses the Active Archive System. WD's continued investments in product development and go-to-market strategies will give the company a firm foothold in the OBS space.

Analyst Report
Mesabi Group Report: HGST Marries Object Storage to its Active Archive System
Mesabi Group reports on the HGST Active Archive System, designed to help organizations overcome cost challenges to retain and access archive data for greater business value.
Analyst Report
Quocirca Report: Are you one eDiscovery away from a budgetary meltdown?

Using cloud storage for data archival may look affordable, but watch out for hidden costs when faced with an eDisclosure notice. A private cloud could be the answer.

Analyst Report
Quocirca Report: Object Storage 101

An overview of object storage, how it differs from traditional block and file storage approaches, and why it’s the new choice for information storage and management.

Analyst Report
Quocirca Report: SAN, NAS or time to try something new?

Market brief from Quocirca’s Clive Longbottom. This brief discusses how object-based storage can offer enterprises an alternative to the traditional block and file based network storage solutions.

Analyst Report
Storage Switzerland Report: Meeting Data Security Demands with Object Storage

Storage Switzerland’s Joseph Ortiz discusses the importance of data security. A modern object storage solution offers organizations the ability to scale their storage while cost-effectively protecting data availability and guarding against data corruption.

Analyst Report
Storage Switzerland: Do You Always Need to Backup?

 Storage Switzerland analyst Curtis Preston discusses backing up data to provide data protection. He examines continuous data protection and near continuous data protection schemes in light of the inherently fault tolerant nature of object-based storage solutions.


Analyst Report
StorageMojo Whitepaper: Dynamic Data Placement Enables Rapid System Recovery

The proprietary Dynamic Data Placement technology in the ActiveScale object storage system dynamically places data blocks across the entire ActiveScale infrastructure. Dynamic Data Placement offers enhanced data durability, faster data rebuild time, and simplified data management.

Analyst Report
StorageMojo Whitepaper: RAID based archives: threat or menace?

StorageMojo analyst Robin Harris discusses why RAID technology is unsuited for archive applications. For archives, a newer storage paradigm — scale-out object storage — is far superior. Scale-out archive object storage systems with low-cost hardware and smart software, and advanced erasure codes, offer extraordinary data protection at a cost far below that of legacy RAID systems.

Analyst Report
StorageMojo: Availability vs durability in archive solutions

This StorageMojo white paper explains the difference between data availability and durability. Availability refers to system uptime, while durability refers to long-term data protection. Durability is the key requirement for archives.

Analyst Report
StorageMojo: How modern erasure codes improve storage systems

Storage systems components are inherently unreliable, yet they must protect data. Erasure codes are key, and they've improved dramatically in the last 20 years. Here's what you should know.

Analyst Report
The Virtualization Practice: GeoSpreading Objects with the Active Archive System

In a very cost effective three-site geographically dispersed configuration, the Active Archive System can provide 15 nines of durability and is ideally suited to storing large volumes of data for fast retrieval.

Analyst Report
Data Center and Enterprise Storage Solutions

HGST and SanDisk offer a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise-class storage products, ideally suited to help drive transformation in today’s high-performance data centers.

Data Center and Enterprise Storage Solutions Systems & Platforms
The comprehensive portfolio of enterprise-class HDDs, SSDs, platforms, and systems from the HGST and SanDisk brands enable organizations to make the most of their data.
HelioSeal Technology Brochure

HGST HelioSeal technology enables higher densities for capacity enterprise HDDs and is compatible with magnetic recording technologies like PMR, HAMR and BPM. With SMR, it enables the cold storage market.

Case Study: Financial Services Business Builds Scalable Data Lake with ActiveScale Object Storage System

A fast growing investment firm struggled to keep up with storing over 30 petabytes of data to support their complex trading models. As their pool of data kept growing, scaling was becoming unwieldy and expensive. ActiveScale object storage provided the ideal low-cost, high-performance on-premises solutions.

Case Study
EPFL Selects HGST to Preserve 50 Years of Jazz Music

EPFL's Metamedia Center uses the HGST object storage system to reliably store 50 years of audio-visual content from the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Case Study
The Secret Life of Pets, Minions, and Animation IT

The Illumination Mac Guff animation studio struggled to keep up with archive capacity requirements and keep their vast asset library available online at all times. The ActiveScale object storage system with Avere FXT Edge filer cluster provided a cost-effective archive solution for seamless access to petabytes of data.

Case Study
ActiveScale CM System Data Sheet

ActiveScale CM provides cloud-based, advanced system insights and analytics for our object storage systems.

Data sheet
ActiveScale P100 System Data Sheet

The ActiveScale™ P100 is a modular object storage system that allows you to scale from 720TB (raw) to over 19PB (raw), so you can easily keep up with data growth, storage management needs and deliver on business objectives.

Data sheet
ActiveScale Industry Brief: Cloud Service Providers

Cloud Storage and Service Providers can simplify petabyte-scale growth with HGST Active Archive Systems, which make data storage more affordable, scalable and accessible

Industry Brief
Infographic: A Media-Rich Future Brought to You by Data

As Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality changes the way we consume media and how we approach big data and fast data, companies are also moving toward storing and keeping all this created data forever - not only for archiving, but also for monetizing digital content for streaming, licensing, and repurposing. Learn how ActiveScale object storage facilitates a data forever architecture.

Infographic: Bring Your Data to Life with Object Storage

Object storage delivers scale and accessibility at scale. When used for backup and archive, it helps organizations access and monetize their data assets.

ActiveScale Professional Services for Data Center Systems & Platforms

ActiveScale professional services for data center systems and platforms help you assess, deploy, and configure your storage investment.

Service Brief
Support Services for ActiveScale™ Products

ActiveScale offers comprehensive customer support services to help you get the most out of ActiveScale products.

Service Brief
Solution Brief: Simplify Data Management with Automated Tiering and Archiving

HGST ActiveScale object storage system and Versity Storage Manager create an automated tiering and archiving solution for large-scale data management in both business and technical data environments.

Solution Brief
Avere: Accelerate Business Agility with Hybrid Cloud Storage

The ActiveScale™ object storage system combined with Avere FXT Edge filers provides a flexible hybrid cloud solution. The Edge filer manages performance, while object storage on-premises or in the cloud manages the capacity.

Solution Brief
Commvault Solution Brief: Unified Cloud-Scale Data Protection and Management

ActiveScale™ object storage with Commvault data protection and recovery software deliver a converged enterprise backup and data management solution for physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Solution Brief
Data Stewardship 20/20: The Archivist Approach to Digital Asset Preservation

OvationData, the experts in digital data asset management, archiving and preservation, found the ActiveScale System to be the most robust and easy-to-use object storage solution for their Data Stewardship program.

Solution Brief
Managing the Avalanche of Data Solution Brief

Create a modern cloud-scale solution with ActiveScale™ cloud object storage system and off-the-shelf media asset and end-to-end workflow management applications.

Solution Brief
Managing the Digital Media Asset Explosion in an S3 Hybrid Cloud World

ActiveScale object storage system combined with off-the-shelf media asset and end-to-end workflow management applications enable a modern cloud-scale solution for the Media and Entertainment industry.

Solution Brief
Primary Data Solution Brief: Simplify Digital Transformation with Machine Learning Data Management

Combining the ActiveScale object storage system with the DataSphere metadata engine, enterprises get an intelligent, machine-learning based data management platform that's efficient and scalable.

Solution Brief
Quantum Solution Brief: Conquer the Challenges of Petabyte-Scale Archives

Quantum Lattus, powered by ActiveScale object storage system, makes archiving and protecting large amounts of unstructured data easy.

Solution Brief
ReachEngine Solution Brief: On-Premises Asset Management with Cloud Efficiency

Media companies need to manage the entire lifecycle of digital content while making it easy to find, reuse, and repurpose content. ActiveScale™ object storage system combined with ReachEngine™ delivers an all-in-one, highly scalable private and hybrid cloud approach for streamlining media asset management, storage, and preservation.

Solution Brief
Rethinking Backup and Long-Term Retention with Private Cloud Storage

ActiveScale™ object storage system with Veritas NetBackup™ delivers a unified backup solution for physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Solution Brief
Solution Brief: Affordable Hybrid Cloud Storage Solutions for Secure Data Collaboration

The Globus data management system combined with the ActiveScale object storage delivers a high performance, simply to deploy, and easy to use solution for research data storage and management.

Solution Brief
Solution Brief: Big Data and Analytics – A Data Lake Infrastructure for the Future

The ActiveScale systems and the IntelliFlash platform are key components in the highly scaleable Big Data and Analytics (BDA) storage solution. This solution provides enterprises one of the lowest $/GB cost choices to build data lakes that combine the high performance HDFS analytics tier with the high capacity storage tier.

Solution Brief
Solution Brief: Gain Control of Data Overload in Life Sciences

IBM Spectrum Scale™ with Transparent Cloud Tiering and the HGST ActiveScale object storage system provide extreme scalability for life sciences and HPC architecture, supporting flash-accelerated performance and automatic policy-based storage tiering.

Solution Brief
Solution Brief: High Performance Archive for Demanding Life Sciences Storage Management Needs

HGST ActiveScale object storage system and ArcaStream Ngenea HSM hierarchical storage management solution for GPFS. The combined solution enables policy-based movement of files from GPFS to ActiveScale and back.

Solution Brief
Solution Brief: Reduce Media Production Cycle Times with High Speed Media Ingest and Distribution

Aspera® and HGST make it easy to deploy an on-premises media cloud for global workflows. Aspera Enterprise Server and clients transfer large media files and content long distances, at the fastest possible speed. The ActiveScale™ object storage systems offer highly scalable and durable media content store in increments of easy-to-install capacity.

Solution Brief
Solution Brief: Remove the Storage Bottlenecks in Genomics Analysis

New genomics analysis techniques along with explosive data growth require new approaches to compute and storage infrastructure. High-performance storage using a parallel distributed file system combined with ActiveScale™ object storage system deliver performance, durability and scalability.

Solution Brief
Solution Brief: Speed Research Discovery with Comprehensive Storage and Data Management

Speed life sciences research discovery with a high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure using the ActiveScale Storage System with Panasas ActivStor and iRODS software.

Solution Brief
Solution Brief: The Power of Cloud at the Cost Of Tape

Traditional magnetic tape backup solutions can’t handle the demands of today’s data growth. HGST and Commvault together can help enterprises modernize their backup and recovery operations with a converged data protection, storage and management solution that delivers all the benefits of Cloud at the cost of tape.

Solution Brief
Solution for Collaborative Life Sciences Research and Bio imagery

The explosive growth of large image files, growing data retention requirements, and cross-platform collaboration are changing storage requirements for Life Sciences. This solution brief describes a storage architecture that’s high capacity, accessible and scalable—a pairing of iRODS' metadata processing and rules-based tiering software with the capacity of the ActiveScale object storage system.

Solution Brief
Vizrt Solution Brief: End-to-End Media Workflow Management

Accessing fast-growing media content across workflows requires an enterprise media asset management solution and storage infrastructure that are flexible, globally accessible, and can easily scale. Viz One™ from Vizrt and our ActiveScale™ object storage system deliver an end-to-end media management architecture.

Solution Brief
Technical Report: ZFS Backup Recovery Cloning Using HGST Active Archive System

This paper shows you how to easily backup and recover ZFS file systems with the HGST Active Archive System as its a central repository.

Technical Report
Security of Data in ActiveScale Object Storage System

This paper provides a high-level overview of data security at rest and in-flight in the HGST ActiveScale object storage system.

Technology Brief
CatDV Use Case: Accelerating Media Workflows with a Hybrid Cloud Solution

Media companies can transform their post-production workflow by implementing a new architecture with the HGST Active Archive System and CatDV Media Asset Manager.

Use Case
QStar Use Case: Managing Petabyte-Scale Active Media Archives Solution

Using industry leading technology designed for Media & Entertainment workflows, HGST's Active Archive System and QStar's Archive Replicator software optimize the ingest and archiving of valuable video content, delivering a private/hybrid cloud-based, petabyte-scale active media archive solution.

Use Case
Use Case: Managing the Enormous Growth of Medical Images with an Object Storage Active Archive

This 4-page paper conceptualizes how the HGST Active Archive System can help healthcare organizations affordably tame and manage the massive growth of medical images.

Use Case
Use Case: Meeting the Storage Challenge of Exponential Data Growth in Genomics

This 4-page use case describes how the HGST Active Archive System can help conquer the storage challenges caused by exponential data growth in the field of genomics research.

Use Case
Use Case: Transform into IT-as-a-Service with Unified Cloud Storage and Enterprise File Services

This use case describes how organizations can transform into IT-as-a-service creating a unified cloud storage and enterprise file service solution.

Use Case
Use Case: Transforming Enterprise Storage with Cloud Storage Services

HGST Active Archive System is an object storage system designed to help enterprise IT implement private storage clouds so they can efficiently manage data at enormous scale.

Use Case
ActiveScale™ Erasure Coding and Self Protecting Technology

Big Data insights enable Fast Data applications. Companies are gaining valuable insights and new business opportunities from massive amounts of data that are collected, stored and analyzed over longer time periods. Organizations need efficient and effective ways to store and protect petabyte-scale data while staying within the IT budget.

The right storage architecture can facilitate a data-forever strategy, allowing organizations to get more value from their data with streamlined IT budget. An effective storage solution to meet these needs should provide:

  • Real-time access from anywhere in the world
  • Protection from data loss
  • Scaling without limits
  • Easy to manage and maintain

ActiveScale is built on patented object storage technologies to address these needs. This white paper discusses BitSpread® erasure coding, plus BitDynamics™ data integrity and repair technologies within the ActiveScale object storage system.

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White Paper
An Analytics System on OpenStack™ for Manufacturing

An analytics system using Sahara on a hosted OpenStack private cloud, combined with the HGST Object Storage System, provides the flexibility of provisioning infrastructure resources to a real-world manufacturing workload.

White Paper
White Paper: Enabling Manufacturing Process Optimizations at a Low Cost

Combing an analytics system with the HGST Object Storage System enables smart process archiving and process optimizations for a manufacturing workload.

White Paper