HGST Active Archive System

HGST Active Archive System

From 672TB to 4.7PB Cloud-Scale Object Storage System That’s More Affordable, Scalable and Accessible Than Ever Before

  • Simple to Deploy - Power and network connections are all you need
  • Limitless Scale - Grow your storage in line with your capacity needs
  • Archive Resiliency - BitDynamics preserves data for high integrity storage
  • Highest Efficiency - Highest capacity per square foot and lowest power per TB
  • Highly Secure - End-to-end encryption security for data-in-flight and data-at-rest
  • Cloud Availability - Survive an entire data center outage with geographical distribution of data

Big Benefits for
Petabyte-Scale Use Cases

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Simplifying Petabyte-Scale Data Growth

For data centers battling massive data growth, flat budgets and limited IT resources, the HGST Active Archive System is a ready out-­of-­the-­box object storage system that transforms silos of data storage into cloud-­scale active archives. For data that requires long term retention with easy and fast retrieval, the Active Archive System provides unprecedented levels of accessibility, scalability, simplicity and affordability.

Install and Deploy in Minutes

The Active Archive System has removed all the challenges of architecting, purchasing and operating white-­box cloud storage solutions by delivering a fully integrated rack level system that can be up and running in minutes. Each unit is vertically integrated with object storage software, networking, servers and storage in an industry standard 42U rack. Simply roll into place, connect the power, configure the network connections and the system is on-­line presenting an S3 compliant object interface that can easily integrate with existing S3-­aware applications. Now businesses can focus their resources on growing revenue instead of managing the infrastructure.

Object Storage Delivers Scale Like Never Before

Active Archive Accessability The integration of HGST's advanced object storage software provides the foundation for a resilient object storage platform that delivers the highest level of data durability in the industry, surviving an entire data-center outage when deployed across multiple sites. Utilizing the most advanced 8TB second-generation HelioSeal® hard drives, coupled with its vertically integrated hardware, the scale-out object storage system delivers the performance, efficiency and scale required for public and private cloud, with extremely low $/TB and watts/TB

Base Rack
Full Rack
Model #
Maximum Object Size
Maximum Number of Objects
Configuration Capacity (raw/usable)
672TB / 417TB
4.7PB / 2.9PB
3-Geo Configuration (raw/usable)
2016TB / 960TB (min)
28.2PB / 13.5PB (max)
Expansion Options
Scale-Up Module Model #
UA1000 (for SA1000 only)
Scale-Up Module Capacity (raw/usable)
672 / 425TB
Client throughput performance
Up to 3.5GB/s (depending on configuration)
3.5GB/s per rack
Availability (hrs/day x days/wk)
Reliability - Warranty (yrs)
Data Integrity
Tolerates 1000 bit errors per object
Tolerates 1000 bit errors per object
Data Durability
Begins at 11x9s (99.999999999%)
15x9s (99.9999999999999%)
Rolling upgrades
Rolling upgrades
RESTful S3 (NSF/SMB via NAS gateway)
RESTful S3 (NSF/SMB via NAS gateway)
Client Connectivity
60Gbps/rack (6x10Gb/s)
60Gbps/rack (6x10Gb/s)
Power Consumption - typical/max (W)
2700 / 3000
6700 / 7400
Power Consumption - typical/max (KVA)
2.7 / 2.78
6.98 / 7.05
Power Characteristics
200-240VAC, 30A, 3 phase, Delta and WYE options,50/60Hz
200-240VAC, 30A, 3 phase, Delta and WYE options,50/60Hz
Physical Size
Rack Size Height x Width x Depth mm (in)
2041 x 600 x 1100 (82.52 x 23.622 x 40.354)
2041 x 600 x 1100 (82.52 x 23.622 x 40.354)
Weight kg (lbs)
710 (1566)
1020 (2249)
Redundant high efficiency fans in the system
Redundant high efficiency fans in the system
Temperature Range
20° to 35°C de-rated 2% per 1000 feet altitude increase
20° to 35°C de-rated 2% per 1000 feet altitude increase
8% to 90% (non-condensing)
8% to 90% (non-condensing)
FCC/ICES-003, CE, VCCI, CISPR 22, CISPR 24, KN22, KN24, EN60950-1 2nd Edition, UL60950-1 2nd Edition
FCC/ICES-003, CE, VCCI, CISPR 22, CISPR 24, KN22, KN24, EN60950-1 2nd Edition, UL60950-1 2nd Edition
BTU/hr (max)
Carbon Footprint (max)
0.0062 Metric Tons of CO2
0.0062 Metric Tons of CO2


  • Simple to Deploy – Power and network connections are all that is needed
  • Limitless Scale – Increase capacity and performance in line with data growth
  • Highest Resiliency – 15 nines data durability, with the ability to survive a data center outage
  • Best TCO – Lowest acquisition cost, power/TB, highest capacity and density

Best Fit Applications

  • Arcserve provides organizations with the assurance that they can recover their data and applications when needed. Founded in 1990, Arcserve provides a comprehensive solution for virtual and physical environments, on premise or in the cloud, backed by unsurpassed support and expertise. The new unified architecture, Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP), drives a full range of highly efficient and integrated data protection capabilities through a simple, web-based user console. To learn more about Arcserve - visit www.arcserve.com.

  • Avere gives organizations the ability to put an end to the rising cost and complexity of data storage, the freedom to store files anywhere – in the cloud or on premises – all without sacrificing the performance, availability or security of their data. Our Edge-Core storage architecture made possible by the FXT Series Edge filer product line, allows enterprises to leverage public and private cloud storage resources without having to rewrite existing applications or compromise on performance or availability. To learn more how HGST and Avere products work together - get the use case.

  • CloudBerry's offerings include the powerful, easy-to-use CloudBerry Explorer that provides a user interface allowing to access, move and manage files across on-premises S3-compliant cloud storage and public Amazon S3 buckets. Advanced features can include source side encryption, compression, multipart upload, multithreading, content compare, upload rules and more. To learn more about CloudBerry Explorer - visit www.cloudberrylab.com.

  • Commvault pioneered numerous industry-shaping innovations and established itself as a leading provider of data protection and information management solutions, helping companies worldwide activate their data to drive more value and business insight and to transform modern data environments. Commvault solutions comprise one of the industry's leading portfolios in data protection and recovery, cloud, virtualization, archive, file sync and share. To learn more about how HGST and Commvault products work together - get the use case.

  • CTERA enables enterprises to securely sync, share, protect and govern files from any device, server or remote office, all from the private or virtual private cloud of their choice. Trusted by the Fortune 100 and leading service providers, CTERA provides industry's most secure approach to file services, with the widest choice of use cases and infrastructure options to enable the IT-as-a-Service transformation. To learn more about CTERA - visit www.ctera.com.

  • CyanGate has extensive experience in designing, delivering, and implementing award-winning Digital Asset Management (DAM) Solutions. Customers include global Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries such as Retail, Publishing, Media and Broadcasting. CyanGate offers cloud storage solutions for OpenText Media Manager (Cloud Storage Plugin) and salesforce.com (S-Drive). To learn more about CyanGate - visit www.cyangate.com.

  • The Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS) is open source data management software used by industry, research organizations, and government agencies worldwide. iRODS provides four pillars to manage data growth – Data Virtualization, Data Discovery, Workflow Automation, and Federation. The iRODS Consortium provides exhaustive testing on supported platforms, plugin support for authentication, database technology, storage resource, networking, microservices, and the API itself, as well as extensive documentation, training, and support services. To learn more about how HGST and iRODS products work together - get the use case.

  • Levels Beyond is the company behind the software platform "Reach Engine," a system that provides streamlined media-management, distribution, optimization and monetization capabilities to a range of customers who work with video. Reach Engine provides a modern digital foundation for customers and partners to build their future safely with the most flexible platform to address their media workflow and orchestration challenges. Working with companies of all sizes, Reach Engine has a strong track record with the largest media producers in the film, TV and sports verticals. To learn more about Levels Beyond - visit reachengine.com.

  • Veritas Technologies enables organizations to harness the power of their information, with information management solutions serving the world's largest and most complex environments. Veritas works with organizations of all sizes, including 86 percent of global Fortune 500 companies, improving data availability and revealing insights to drive competitive advantage. To learn more about how HGST and Veritas products work together - get the use case.