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Helium Technology

The Road to Helium

The benefits of helium are well known. For over a decade, the HDD industry has looked for solutions to leverage helium. However, no one has been able to manage leakage, nor establish a development process that can cost effectively manufacture millions of these drives. Now, after six years of design and rigorous testing, HGST has successfully patented the first helium development process; HelioSeal™ technology. In 2013, we raised the standard for storage efficiency, reliability and value by shipping the first helium HDD, the Ultrastar® He6, using our patented production process.


Helium is the Difference - Field Proven Reliability for 2.5M hours MTBF

  • More robust design margin than traditional air based drives.
  • Hermetically-sealed, which keep air, humidity and other contaminants out of the drive, allowing them to
    be used in harsh or ambient environments.
  • Reduce disk vibration and flutter, adding to even greater reliability.
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Power Savings Impact

The additional power required to operate a data center can really add up. Learn how helium-filled drives enable businesses to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. Multiplying this savings across the entire data center to satisfy the growing demand for storage capacity can dramatically reduce global environmental impact.

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Quick Facts on Helium

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