Local, state and national governments need to modernize as part of their digital transformation and to stay connected to their citizens. ActiveScale is powerful, scalable and cost-effective object storage that can help governments make the transition to modern private cloud technology so they can deliver smarter public services and enhance citizen relations, safety and quality of life, while improving efficiency, cost control and transparency across agencies.
Data Protection
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Still using tape to meet regulations?

Trying to meet expanding data governance regulations with traditional backup appliances and magnetic tape systems is nearly impossible, especially with today’s rapid data growth. HGST helps governments modernize their data protection with a high-speed disk-based platform that protects data for longer at a lower cost than slow unreliable tape and delivers:

  • Up to 52% lower TCO versus tape
  • Up to 70% lower TCO versus backup appliances
  • Up to 80% lower management overhead
Archiving / Long-term Retention
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Store data cost effectively for long periods of time or forever if needed

Magnetic tape has been the primary technology used to store large amounts of data for compliance purposes. The primary draw being that tape is inexpensive. However, that fails to understand the true total TCO of tape. ActiveScale high-density low-cost private cloud enables data to be stored efficiently and cost effectively for long periods of time or forever if needed.

ActiveScale saves money and reduces overall TCO by:

  • Eliminating off-site tape costs and risks
  • Optimizing data with advanced technologies like deduplication
  • Eliminating the need to handle, manage and track tapes
Data Management
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The right data in the right place at the right time

HGST innovates at every level of the storage stack from the drives up to deliver some of the densest storage systems on the planet. Our partners provide unique and powerful solutions to maximize storage efficiency and deliver unified cloud storage and file services across data centers, branch offices and mobile users.

The combined solution helps end the dependency on costly legacy file servers, silos of disk storage systems and outdated tape libraries to create a continuous data management environment for governments and delivers:

  • Increased performance thru I/O optimization
  • Cost savings thru automated movement of data to the right tier
  • Seamless access to data in traditional, virtualized and cloud environments
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