Performance and Reliability for Indies to the Enterprise

HGST designs storage solutions for media and entertainment organizations of all sizes. Whether you are an independent film maker or you stream content to millions of subscribers, HGST solutions exceed the industry’s exacting standards for performance, reliability and capacity.

Broadening Content for the Digital Consumer

Consumers receive digital content from a variety of sources ranging from independent film makers to global entertainment enterprises. Independent film makers and media and entertainment organizations need to access and store a larger variety of media. HGST products deliver premium storage solutions for audio/video production, photography and the professional content creation market.

For large media and entertainment organizations, HGST object storage systems combine the accessibility of near-line storage with the economics of cold archiving to deliver limitless scalability, long-term data protection, easy management, minimal maintenance and very low TCO. And with HGST’s standards-based SSD technologies, inserting advertisements real-time easily becomes a part of your standard workflow and gives you the power to mass-customize content for your customers.

Technology Partners

ActiveScale P100 system integrates large scale with compelling TCO.

  • Highly scalable, modular
  • Multi-Geo spreading
  • Cloud-based storage analytics
  • Outstanding TCO

Learn more about ActiveScale P100.

ActiveScale X100 system delivers object storage needs for cloud infrastructure.

  • Highly scalable, integrated system
  • Outstanding data consistency, availability, and durability
  • Cloud-based storage analytics
  • Highly attractive cost/TB

Learn more about ActiveScale X100 system.

HGST PCIe SSDs, key building blocks for delivering server-side Flash solutions.

  • High-density form factors
  • High performance
  • High serviceability
  • NVMe compliant

Learn more about the Ultrastar SN200 Series SSDs.

NVMe Badge

Ultrastar SN200 Series PCIe SSDs

Ultrastar SN200 Series PCIe SSDs