Accelerate Microsoft Exchange Server by 50X with Flash Storage

An all Flash storage alternative to deliver uncompromising performance to Exchange or SharePoint environments. It is easy to implement, and utilizing standard optimization techniques, HGST SSDs can accelerate entire environments without any user-level application changes.

More reasons to choose HGST solutions for Exchange Sharepoint

  • Less investment in memory & disk drives for a given level of performance
  • Simple installation, less headache with no impact to your existing setup
  • Address Exchange server I/O bottlenecks using SSDs installed as the primary and hot-copy storage
  • Latency reduction by up to 50x
  • No impact or change to your existing setup



Benefits / Use

Caching solution Any HGST SSD Speed up your environment
Flash storage Solution Any HGST SSD Create high performance all flash Exchange or SharePoint server