Scaling SQL Server deployments

HGST SSD storage solutions deliver consistent, predictable performance at extreme low latencies for applications layered over Microsoft SQL Server databases. Utilizing standard optimization techniques entire databases, specific indexes or tables, or even only portions of tables can be accelerated without any user-level application changes. The HGST SSD solution utilizes Microsoft standard STORPORT architecture and utilizes backend storage for capacity rather than for performance, making it easy to implement while lowering your cost of ownership.

More reasons to choose HGST solutions for Microsoft SQL Server

  • Speed up your entire SQL Server environment
  • Easy to implement
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Support for high speed DSS and OLTP workloads
  • Much faster query response times
  • Higher volume of transactions processed
  • Sustained performance over time
  • Convert batch jobs into interactive, faster business intelligence
  • Standard disk management utilities, both Microsoft and third-party, can be used
  • Works in any industry standard, server class system
  • No need for storage overprovisioning for high performance
  • Higher CPU utilization by eliminating I/O bottlenecks
  • Reduced power, cooling and space costs



Benefits / Use

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