Less investment in memory & disk drives for a given level of performance

HGST SSDs deliver consistent, predictable performance at extremely low latencies for very high transaction response times with powerful TCO and ROI for your MySQL environments.

More reasons to choose HGST solutions for MySQL

  • High consolidation ratio of slave servers means lower CapEx and OpEx
  • Scale easily, minimizing the need for complex database sharding techniques
  • Simplified environment delivers excellent sustained performance
  • Enterprise class data availability
  • Flexible architecture that adapts to the relentless growth of MySQL data and traffic in the most cost effective way



Benefits / Use

MySQL Caching Solution for Single Server

Any SSD Speed up your MySQL server, optimizing for cost

MySQL Caching Solution for Multiple Servers

FlashMAX Card Speed up your MySQL environment, optimizing for cost
MySQL High Availability Solution FlashMAX Card

Double replication performance and consolidate Master/Slave pairs by 50% while improving recovery points with synchronous replication

HGST Flash Pools for MySQL

FlashMAX Card

Drive 60% performance improvements, while consolidating Master/Slave pairs in a scale-out, all-Flash cluster that delivers a 30% TCO