Less investment in memory & disk drives for a given level of performance

HGST SSDs deliver consistent, predictable performance at extremely low latencies, as well as very high transaction response times. Get low TCO and measurable ROI in your MySQL and NoSQL environments.

More reasons to choose HGST solutions for MySQL

  • High consolidation ratio of slave servers means lower CapEx and OpEx
  • Scale easily, minimizing the need for complex database sharding techniques
  • Simplified environment delivers excellent sustained performance
  • Enterprise class data availability
  • Flexible architecture that adapts to the relentless growth of MySQL data and traffic in the most cost effective way
Use Case Write Needs Data Protect SA210 Cloud Speed SS200 SS300 Skyhawk SN200
MongoDB, Cassandra, etc. NoSQL Massive scale-out database infrastructure                
Individual SSD cost paramount, not able to use full performance of high-end drives. Med Replication ++ +++ ++ +    
MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, RocksDB Linux open source DB, OLTP, Web 2.0.               +
Sharding to split DB into server-sized chunks Med Varies + +++ ++ ++ ++ (highperf RocksDB)