How to find your Serial, Part, Model or Item Number

The label affixed to your hard disk drive should include serial, part and model number information. In some cases, the label is attached at the end or side of your drive.

For external drives the label will contain an item number.

Find Serial Number

  • The serial number may contain any combination of alphabetic characters and numbers, with length varying from eight characters to a maximum of 14 characters.
  • In most cases, the label identifier "S/N:" precedes the serial number. For DKxx products, the label identifier is preceded and followed by an asterisk.

Find Part Number

  • The part number has an overall length of seven or eight characters and may contain any combination of alphabetic characters and numbers.
  • In most cases, the label identifier "P/N:" precedes the part number.

Find Model Number

  • The model number may contain any combination of alphabetic characters and numbers with a length of eight or 15 characters.
  • In most cases, the label identifier "Model:" precedes the model number.

Find Item Number

  • The item number will consist of numbers and dashes with a length of 15 characters.

To locate the serial number or part number or model number or item number for a drive, select your drive from the following list of drives:

Travelstar Models
7K200 HTS722020K9A300, HTS722016K9A300, HTS722012K9A300, HTS722010K9A300, HTS722080K9A300, HTS722020K9SA00, HTS722016K9SA00, HTS722012K9SA00, HTS722010K9SA00, HTS722080K9SA00
5K250 HTS542525K9A300, HTS542520K9A300, HTS542516K9A300, HTS542512K9A300, HTS542580K9A300, HTS542525K9SA00, HTS542520K9SA00, HTS542516K9SA00, HTS542512K9SA00, HTS542580K9SA00
7K100 HTS721010G9AT00, HTS721080G9AT00, HTS721060G9AT00, HTS721010G9SA00, HTS721080G9SA00, HTS721060G9SA00
5K100 HTS541010G9AT00, HTS541080G9AT00, HTS541060G9AT00, HTS541040G9AT00, HTS541030G9AT00 HTS541020G9AT00, HTS541010G9SA00, HTS541080G9SA00, HTS541060G9SA00, HTS541040G9SA00, HTS541030G9SA00, HTS541020G9SA00
4K40 HTS424020M9AT00, HTS424030M9AT00, HTS424040M9AT00
DK23AA DK23AA-60, DK23AA-90, DK23AA-12
DK23BA DK23BA-10, DK23BA-20, DK23BA-60
DK23CA DK23CA-10; DK23CA-15; DK23CA-20; DK23CA-30; DK23CA-75
DK23DA DK23DA-10; DK23DA-20; DK23DA-30; DK23DA-40
DK23EA DK23EA-60, DK23EA-40, DK23EA-30, DK23EA-20
DK23EB DK23EB-40, DK23EB-20
7K60 HTS726060M9AT00
5K80 HTS548020M9AT00, HTS548040M9AT00, HTS548060M9AT00, HTS548080M9AT00
80GN IC25N080ATMR04, IC25N060ATMR04, IC25N040ATMR04, IC25N030ATMR04, IC25N020ATMR04
48GH IC25T048ATDA05
40GN-40GNX-60GH IC25N040ATCX04, IC25N030ATCX04, IC25N020ATCX04, IC25N010ATCX04, IC25N040ATCS04, IC25N030ATCS04, IC25N020ATCS04, IC25N010ATCS04, IC25T060ATCX05, IC25T060ATCS05
32GH DJSA-232
30GN IC25N030ATDA04, IC25N020ATDA04
30GT DJSA-230
25GS DARA-225000
20GN DJSA-220, 210, 205
18GT DARA-218000, 215000
15GN IC25N015ATDA04,  IC25N012ATDA04, IC25N010ATDA04, IC25N007ATDA04, IC25N006ATDA04, IC25N005ATDA04
14GS DCYA-214000
12GN DARA-212000, 209000, 206000
10GT DCXA-210000, 208100
8GS DYLA-26480, 27900, 28100
Deskstar Models
P7K500 HDP725050GLAT80, HDP725040GLAT80, HDP725032GLAT80, HDP725025GLAT80, HDP725050GLA380, HDP725050GLA360, HDP725040GLA380, HDP725040GLA360, HDP725032GLA380, HDP725032GLA360, HDP725025GLA380
7K1000 HDS721075KLA330, HDS721010KLA330
7K400 HDS724040KLAT80, HDS724040KLSA80
7K500 HDS725050KLAT80, HDS725050KLA360
T7K250 HDT7225DLAT80, HDT722516DLAT80, HDT722525DLA380, HDT722516DLA380
7K250 HDS722540VLAT20, HDS722580VLAT20, HDS722512VLAT20, HDS722512VLAT80, HDS722516VLAT20, HDS722516VLAT80, HDS722525VLAT80, HDS722580VLSA80, HDS722512VLSA80, HDS722516VLSA80, HDS722525VLSA80
7K80 HDS728040PLAT20, HDS728080PLAT20
180GXP IC35L030AVV207, IC35L060AVV207, IC35L090AVV207, IC35L120AVV207, IC35L180AVV207
75GXP DTLA-307015, 307020, 307030, 307045, 307060, 307075
60GXP IC35L060AVER07, IC35L040AVER07, IC35L030AVER07, IC35L020AVER07, IC35L010AVER07
40GV DTLA-305010, 305020, 305030, 305040
37GP DPTA-353750, 353000, 352250, 351500, 351120
34GXP DPTA-373420, 372730, 372050, 371360, 371020
25GP DJNA-352500, 352030
22GXP DJNA-372200, 371800
16GP DTTA-35xxxx
14GXP DTTA-37xxxx
CinemaStar Models
7K1000 HCS721075KLA330, HCS721010KLA330
P7K500 HCP725050GLAT80, HCP725032GLAT80, HCP725025GLAT80, HCP725050GLA380, HCP725032GLA380, HCP725025GLA380
C5K250 HCC542525K9SA00, HCC542516K9SA00, HCC542512K9SA00, HCC542580K9SA00
C5K160 HCC541616J9SA00, HCC541680J9SA00
Ultrastar Models
A7K1000 HUA721010KLA330, HUA721075KLA330, HUA721050KLA330
15K300 HUS153030VL3800, HUS153014VL3800, HUS153073VL3800, HUS153030VLS300, HUS153014VLS300, HUS153073VLS300, HUS153030VLF400, HUS153014VLF400, HUS153073VLF400
C10K147 HUC101414CSS300, HUC101473CSS300
15K147 HUS151414VL3800, HUS151473VL3800, HUS151436VL3800, HUS151414VL3600, HUS151473VL3600, HUS151436VL3600
10K300 HUS103030FL3600, HUS103030FL3800, HUS103014FL3600, HUS103014FL3800, HUS103073FL3600, HUS103073FL3800, HUS103036FL3600, HUS103036FL3800, HUS103030FLF210, HUS103014FLF210, HUS103073FLF210, HUS103036FLF210
36Z15 IC35L018UWPR15, IC35L018UCPR15, IC35L018F2PR15, IC35L036UWPR15, IC35L036UCPR15, IC35L036F2PR15
DK32DJ DK32DJ-18; DK32DJ-36; DK32DJ-72
146Z10 Ultra 320/160 IC35L018UWDY10, IC35L018UCDY10, IC35L036UWDY10, IC35L036UCDY10, IC35L073UWDY10, IC35L073UCDY10, IC35L146UWDY10, IC35L146UCDY10
73LZX Ultra 160 IC35L009UWD210, IC35L009UCD210, IC35L018UWD210, IC35L018UCD210, IC35L036UWD210, IC35L036UCD210, IC35L073UWD210, IC35L073UCD210
73LZX Ultra 320 IC35L009XWD210, IC35L009XCD210, IC35L018XWD210, IC35L018XCD210, IC35L036XWD210, IC35L036XCD210, IC35L073XWD210, IC35L073XCD210
73LZX FC-AL-2 IC35L009F2D210, IC35L018F2D210, IC35L036F2D210, IC35L073F2D210
36Z15 IC35L036UCPR15-X, IC35L036UWPR15-X, IC35L018UCPR15-X, IC35L018UWPR15-X
36LP DPSS-336950, 318350, 309150
36LZX DDYS-T36950, T18350, T09150
36XP DRHS-36V, 36D, 36L (FC-AL)
36ZX DMVS-36
18ES DNES-318350, 309170
18LZX DMVS-18, 9
18XP DGHS-318200
18ZX DRVS-18V, 18D
9ES DDRS-34560, 39130
9LZX DRVS-09V, 09D
9LP DGHS-39110
9ZX DGVS-39110
Endurastar Models
J4K50 HEJ425050F9AT00, HEJ425040F9AT00, HEJ425030F9AT00
N4K50 HEN425050F9AT00, HEN425040F9AT00, HEN425030F9AT00
SimpleDrive II