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Travelstar Hard Drives
1.8-inch and 2.5-inch ATA/IDE Mobile Hard Disk Drives
Travelstar Products

Travelstar Z5K1000
Travelstar 5K1500
Travelstar 7K1000
Travelstar Z7K500
Travelstar 5K1000
Travelstar Z5K500
Mobile Retail Kit
Travelstar 5K750
Travelstar 7K750
Travelstar Z5K320
Travelstar Z7K320
Travelstar 7K500
Travelstar 5K500.B
Travelstar 7K320
Travelstar 5K320
Travelstar 5K500
Travelstar E5K500
Travelstar 5K250
Travelstar E5K250
Travelstar 7K200
Travelstar E7K200
Travelstar E5K160
Travelstar C3K80
Travelstar 5K120
Travelstar 5K160
Travelstar C4K60 Slim
Travelstar 4K120
Travelstar 7K100
Travelstar E7K100
Travelstar E5K100
Travelstar C4K60
Travelstar C4K40
Travelstar 5K80
Travelstar E7K60
Travelstar 4K80
Travelstar 7K60
Travelstar 10E
Travelstar 10GT
Travelstar 12GN
Travelstar 14GS
Travelstar 15GN
Travelstar 18GT
Travelstar 20GN
Travelstar 25GS
Travelstar 2LP
Travelstar 2XP
Travelstar 30GN
Travelstar 30GT
Travelstar 32GH
Travelstar 3GN
Travelstar 3LP
Travelstar 3XP
Travelstar 40GN
Travelstar 40GNX
Travelstar 48GH
Travelstar 4GN
Travelstar 4GT
Travelstar 4K40
Travelstar 4LP
Travelstar 5GS
Travelstar 5K100
Travelstar 60GH
Travelstar 6GN
Travelstar 6GT
Travelstar 80GN
Travelstar 8E
Travelstar 8GS
Travelstar LP
Travelstar VP
Travelstar XP
Travelstar (DHAA)
Travelstar (DHAS)
Travelstar (DVAA)
Travelstar (DVAS)

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Document TitleTypeDate

Notebook PC Upgrade Kit BrochurePDF02/18/07
Partitioning and Formatting Reference Guide v1.2PDF05/15/06
Product Line Card - June 2015PDF06/25/15
Travelstar E7K100 DatasheetPDF11/02/07
Travelstar Upgrade Kit Compatibility Summary v1.0PDF09/07/05
Travelstar® 2.5" Internal Hard Drive 2-in-1 Notebook PC Upgrade Kit Installation GuidePDF05/18/06