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12Gb/s SAS: Key Considerations for your Next Storage GenerationPDF08/07/13
6Gb/s Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS)PDF09/07/12
About Drive Fitness TestPDF07/09/10
AFC Media - Extending the Limits of Longitudinal RecordingPDF09/07/12
Audio-Visual Storage Manager (AVSM)PDF09/07/12
Audio/Visual - Seamless StreamingPDF09/07/12
CE Features of Second Generation CinemastarPDF12/08/12
Design Flexibility with 7mm Z-Series DrivesPDF10/29/13
DMA and Hard Disk DrivesPDF09/07/12
Dual-Port SAS Drives are a Boon to ITPDF03/18/08
Dual Stage Actuator White PaperPDF10/29/13
End-to-end Data ProtectionPDF12/08/12
Enhanced Adaptive Battery Life Extender (ABLE)PDF09/07/12
Flash Performance for OracleŽ RAC with PCIe Shared StoragePDF10/10/14
Fluid Dynamic Bearing Spindle MotorsPDF09/07/12
HGST Advanced Format Technology BriefPDF03/27/14
HGST and Hard Disk Drive ReliabilityPDF09/07/12
HGST Delivers Rebuild Assist Mode for Faster RAID RecoveryPDF01/08/14
High-Pinning Iridium-Manganese-Chromium (IrMnCr)Read Sensors for High Reliability & Stability White PaperPDF09/07/12
High Capacity Hard Drives Tech BriefPDF03/08/12
How to Guide: Bulk Data EncryptionPDF12/08/12
Instant Secure Erase OverviewPDF11/12/14
It's Happening Now: This is the Tera EraPDF09/07/12
Iterative Detection Read Channel Technology in Hard Disk DrivesPDF12/18/12
Optimize MySQL Cluster Environments with HGST Flash PoolsPDF10/23/14
Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Technology White PaperPDF09/07/12
Priority IO Scheduling in the CloudPDF06/18/13
Ramp Load/Unload TechnologyPDF08/07/12
Rotational Vibration Safeguard (RVS)PDF09/07/12
SAS Investment ProtectionPDF11/09/07
Scaling Enterprise Storage with SAS Hard DrivesPDF09/07/12
Serial ATA - Next Generation Storage InterfacePDF08/08/12
Serial Hard Drive Interface CompatibilityPDF05/25/05
Smooth Stream Technology in HGST Hard DrivesPDF06/30/05
Solid State Drives for Enterprise Data Center EnvironmentsPDF10/24/12
Technology Innovation for Eco-friendly HDDsPDF09/07/12
Thermal Fly-height Control (TFC) Technology in HGST Hard Disk DrivesPDF10/19/12
TrueTrack Technology OverviewPDF09/07/12
White Paper: Building a Flash FabricPDF09/09/14