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Deskstar P7K500
Associated Product Families: Deskstar
Model Number: HDP725050GLAT80, HDP725040GLAT80, HDP725032GLAT80, HDP725025GLAT80, HDP725050GLA380, HDP725050GLA360, HDP725040GLA380, HDP725040GLA360, HDP725032GLA380, HDP725032GLA360, HDP725025GLA380

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Document TitleTypeDate

Deskstar P7K500 Agency Letters (excluding UL)PDF01/21/09
Deskstar P7K500 DatasheetPDF11/03/08
Deskstar P7K500 Installation GuidePDF10/22/07
Deskstar P7K500 Installation Guide (SATA)PDF10/22/07
Deskstar P7K500 UL Agency Approval letterPDF01/21/09
P7K500 OEM Specification ManualPDF12/05/07