Innovation Center

HGST’s strong heritage in technology and innovation, stemming back to IBM, gives us the unique ability to provide storage insights into various technologies, products, and business trends as it relates to the evolving storage landscape. From cloud and mobility to datacenter TCO and the science behind storage, HGST shares its perspective on what is driving today’s and tomorrow’s storage infrastructures, and how it is impacting the industry, and more importantly, your business.

Long Live Data

In recent years, the demand for petabyte data center capacity has grown exponentially. Moreover, we saw that different customer requirements emerged that are best met by specially tailored HDD specifications and SSD controller designs. Customers streaming long digital movie files, for example, use data storage very differently from those having huge amounts of data that are rarely accessed or from those who must have fast retrieval of small, random data files.

Through new intelligent software, solutions and devices, HGST is providing the building blocks for smarter IT infrastructures that allow organizations to better manage the flow of data across its lifecycle, and to help businesses extract greater value from the information created.


Technology Innovations

With the amount of data being created doubling every two years, storing, retaining, accessing and transforming this massive volume of data has put storage at the heart of the data center. Storage must be faster, more elastic, more accessible and more affordable, and HGST is delivering solutions that help the world harness the power of data.

Our most recent advancements in data storage technology, our “HelioSeal® Technology” provides Cloud and Enterprise data centers with a platform that can address rapid growth of data.


Meet the Fellows

HGST has a longstanding history of honoring its research scientists. Our Fellows program was initiated by IBM Storage where the first hard disk drive was invented. Today, HGST has seven Fellows on staff, working at three of our locations in the U.S. (Yerba Buena, Great Oaks and Rochester).

We have over 4,200 worldwide patents, adding more than 300 patents to our portfolio every year, making us one of the top patent recipients among our competitors. Our scientists and engineers are passionate about innovation and technology.