Modernizing Data Protection with Hybrid Cloud Object Storage

Many organizations are looking for the ability to store, access and analyze data for longer periods of time to gain predictive insights which will help improve their businesses. This significant increase in data retention times is getting to the point where their data basically needs to live forever and IT organizations are struggling to protect this ever increasing amount of data.

Join this webinar with Western Digital’s Kurt Esser and Commvault’s Erik Zarate to learn the answers to these questions:

  • What forces are driving transformation in data protection today?
  • What are the latest technologies being used in modern data protection environments?
  • How can my data protection systems keep pace with explosive data growth?
  • Can I implement a “Data Forever” strategy without busting my budget?
  • What are the benefits of using highly scalable, durable object storage for Disaster Recovery?

Erik Zarate, Enterprise Systems Engineer, Commvault

Kurt Esser, Director of Cloud Solutions and Technologies, HGST

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