Drive new levels of performance AND improved TCO for MySQL

MySQL slave replicas are a wonderful way of preserving data and service availability.  But they’re also incredibly wasteful and expensive.  They double the initial cost of deployments, and they’re always on-burning power and heating up your data centers. HGST has developed a unique way of speeding up MySQL servers while preserving data redundancy and service availability with much less hardware and power. HGST Virident Solutions paired with our tried-and-true FlashMAX PCIe SSD provides an ultra-performance, shared, highly available data store for MySQL.  This clustering solution:

  • Enables the creation of a full-Flash, full-performance N+1 high availability cluster for MySQL
  • Eliminates the need for active slaves by replicating data at the Flash level
  • Requires only a single additional backup server which always has access to a HA copy of all your MySQL databases

HGST’s Director of Field Marketing Walter Hinton and Global Sr. Technical Marketing Manager Earle Philhower will describe the solutions architecture and management operations of this solution, as well as present metrics to demonstrate how such a cluster could save you both capital and operational expenses.


  • Walter Hinton, Director of Field Marketing, HGST
  • Earle Philhower, Senior Manager of the Solutions and Benchmarking Lab, HGST