Database Acceleration for Oil & Gas Applications Using Flash Storage

Database require guaranteed levels of storage performance and high availability of data. Flash technologies are the highest performance server storage solution available, perfectly suited to meeting all of the needs of mission-critical databases. PCIe-based flash storage provide microsecond I/O latencies, millions of IOPS, and tens of GB/s of bandwidth per server. Shared access, data replication between servers, and caching capabilities are needed to turn industry-standard servers and server clusters into powerful distributed storage. Whether you have a standalone data base running on a single system or tens of Oracle RAC nodes, the combination of the latest flash architecture & enterprise software can provide a storage solution with unprecedented performance and scalability inside the servers of your choice. Watch this webcast to learn how to:

  • Eliminate storage performance bottlenecks 
  • Deliver unprecedented transaction performance that scales across diverse workloads and data sets 
  • Shorten application deployment and performance troubleshooting time 
  • Cut up to 90% of storage capital and operating costs 
  • Delay costly server upgrades or additions


  • Brian Morris, Enterprise Account Manager, Oil & Gas
  • Shawn Stephens, Systems Engineer Manager, Oil & Gas