Data Lives Forever

Digital transformation is shaking the world with the avalanche of data that comes with it. Big Data is a way to derive value from all this data. We live for long-term data preservation, and our ActiveScale™ object storage systems are changing the economics of data. ActiveScale is designed for petabyte-scale datasets, facilitates storing data forever, and takes full advantage of our component-to-system vertical innovation.

Facilitating Data Forever

ActiveScale can help customers build a Data Forever architecture that allows customers to economically store petabytes of data over multiple generations of storage and provides a framework to reduce operational costs, improve customer service and deliver enhanced data availability.

Changing the Economics of Data

Object storage changes the traditional economics of data storage, and ActiveScale’s new higher capacity, improved data center space utilization, and enhanced capabilities provide the foundation for extracting more value from your data.

Symbiotics Design™

Symbiotics Design offers purpose-built products that provide the performance, reliability, total cost of ownership and sustainability demanded by data-centric environments today and tomorrow.

Highly scalable object storage system that enables you to cost-effectively deploy a private/hybrid cloud and facilitate data forever with extreme data durability.

Our lowest cost of entry modular object storage system that can scale to 23PB (raw), deliver high durability and facilitate a data forever approach.

System monitoring and storage analytics for ActiveScale Systems via a cloud interface. Get ahead of events before they become problems.