Bulk Data Encryption

Q: How do I purchase a hard drive with Bulk Data Encryption (BDE) technology?
A: To purchase a hard drive with BDE, the correct part number must be selected / purchased. The distribution part numbers are listed below.
7K200 series: 7K250 series:
0A53066 - 80GB 0A53398 - 60GB
0A53067 - 100GB 0A53397 - 80GB
0A53068 - 120GB 0A53390 - 100GB
0A53069 - 160GB 0A53396 - 120GB
0A53070 - 200GB 0A53394 - 160GB
0A53393 - 200GB
0A53399 - 250GB

Q: How do I enable Bulk Data Encryption on the hard drive?
A: Bulk Data Encryption is always enabled. It cannot be turned on or off. To protect the data and prevent unauthorized access the end-user would need to enable the "user" hard drive password in the system's BIOS. With no HDD password set, bulk encryption will still be enabled but there will be no access barrier. Anyone who obtains the hard drive will be able to access the prior user's data.

Q: Does Bulk Data Encryption work on Apple Macintosh or Intel Based Apple systems?
A: Bulk Data Encryption (BDE) is independent of OS so that a BDE hard drive can be used on an Apple Macintosh system. However, because Apple systems do not support the ATA security feature set, a BDE drive will function only as a standard drive in an Apple system.

Q: Does HGST have any utilities that will allow me to enable or disable the Bulk Data Encryption technology?
A: No, there are no utilities to enable or disable Bulk Data Encryption.

Q: Does the Bulk Data Encryption technology work with hard drives installed in an external USB or Firewire enclosure?
A: Although the hard drive is capable of BDE and can be used in all external USB or Firewire enclosures, the BDE technology combined with ATA security commands can only be utilized with enclosures that are able to transfer the ATA security commands via USB or Firewire links.

Q: What type of encryption is used?
A: The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 128) is used for hardware encrypting the drive. To learn how powerful this engine is please refer to: http://www.nist.gov/public_affairs/releases/aesq&a.htm

Q: I forgot my password, is it possible to recover data on a hard drive with Bulk Data Encryption?
A: There are two HDD passwords (user & master) and two HDD security levels (high and maximum). If the user password is lost and the security level is "high", the master password can be used to unlock the hard drive and restore access to the user's data. If the user password is lost and the security level is set to "maximum", the master password can be used to unlock the hard drive; however the data will not be retrievable. If the user and master passwords are both lost, then the drive will not be functional until one of the passwords is remembered.

The drives do not ship with any default passwords set. HGST cannot restore access to a user's drive if the passwords are forgotten.

Note: Not all hosts allow for setting both user and master passwords, and not all hosts allow the user to select the security level.

Q: I'm using a utility called HDDErase (version 3.2) (http://cmrr.ucsd.edu/people/Hughes/
SecureErase.shtml). Why doesn't your hard drive work with the enhanced security erase function?
A: The current version (v3.3) of HDDErase now works properly with the enhanced security erase feature. Please download and use this version.

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