DFT installation instructions

The Drive Fitness Test setup program (dft-vxxx.exe) includes the DOS-based Drive Fitness Test program.  Running the setup program creates a DOS bootable diskette that contains the Drive Fitness Test.  A formatted 1.44 MB diskette is required to create the diskette. 

The Drive Fitness Test is provided for testing our disk drives. The test will not overwrite customer data. 

Restrictions: The users guide contains detailed information on the current restrictions for the Drive Fitness Test.

To create a bootable DFT diskette:

  1. Download the bootable version of the DFT setup program (dft-vxxx.exe) into a temporary directory on your PC.
  2. Click Start, then select Run.
  3. Click the Browse button to locate the setup program.
  4. Click on the filename, then click Open.
  5. Click OK to run the setup program.
  6. Insert a formatted 1.44 MB diskette when prompted.

See the users guide for information on how to run the Drive Fitness Test.   To use the Drive Fitness Test with our SCSI hard disk drives you must have the correct ASPI drivers installed.  Please refer to the users guide for a list of supported controllers.