Medical treatment has traditionally come in a one-size-fits-all approach. The convergence of cutting-edge science and data analytics has produced a revolutionary opportunity for the personalization of medical treatments.

At the intersection of technology and medicine is data—genomic, clinical and behavioral data. The aggregation of genomic and behavioral data, along with the ability to correlate these data with treatment information, give us the ability to derive value from the mountains of data and deliver precision medicine.
Genomic Sequencing
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Making PB-scale datasets accessible

Genomics is Big Data. As the volume of genomics data grow and the need for comprehensive genome data increases, successful life sciences discoveries require secure, streamlined and global access to petabyte-scale genomic data.

In addition to large datasets and long-term data storage needs, data access patterns also vary widely between Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Analysis. These unique genomic sequencing challenges demand an architecture optimized for this unique data life cycle. Accessible, scalable and durable storage solutions are the foundation for breakthroughs in life sciences.
Bio Imaging
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Scalable data preservation

Just like TVs are moving to 4K and beyond, microscopy images are growing in size as new techniques get invented to increase the resolution of bio imagery. In addition to larger file size, more bio images are being centrally stored for Machine Learning purposes. Machine Learning can potentially accelerate diagnostics—if the computers can have access to and “learn” using large datasets.

Life sciences is evolving fast like all other data-centric fields. Properly index, preserve, and provide access to these large bioimaging files are critical to future life science discoveries.
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