Flexible storage solutions are critical to keeping your digital services in front in today’s hyper-competitive financial market. Now you can securely scale data resources with greater dexterity and cost-efficiency. Gain all the storage capabilities you need to support today’s fast growing data services and stay ahead of the innovation curve.
Data Lakes / Analytics
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Unlock the Power of Analytics

Investment firms are redefining quantitative financial investment models using technologies such as predictive analytics, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to mine insights from large complex, data sets to draw better forward-looking conclusions. The use of more unstructured data from a variety of sources puts a lot of pressure on existing storage infrastructure and budgets.

Learn how ActiveScale can dramatically change the economics of data storage for financial services firms that need massively scalable, on-premises data lakes for alternative data analytics.

Data Protection
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The power of Cloud at the cost of tape

Financial services organizations face unique challenges when it comes to protecting their data. Between massive data growth, budget limitations and changing regulatory demands, you need a scalable cost-effective data protection solution that makes it easy to store, protect, and quickly access long-term backup and archive data.

With an ActiveScale-based solution you can deploy a highly scalable and durable private cloud for long-term data retention at a cost that rivals tape.

Data Management
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Optimize your storage investment with visibility and intelligence

Data continues to grow at an exponential rate, and organizations are struggling to accommodate this growth using incomplete information and limited visibility. Without a clear understanding across your storage environment, it is impossible to manage current needs and anticipate future growth. The expense and complexity of managing storage at petabyte-scale requires the ability to actively and transparently move data to the most appropriate performance and cost storage tier.

ActiveScale-based modern data management solutions can help you get your storage spending under control and hit your service levels.

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