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Warranty Returns (RMA)
Use the steps below to determine if your drive has failed and is eligible for a warranty replacement.
  STEP 1 - Troubleshooting
  Before requesting a return merchandise authorization (RMA), please review the following topics to see if the problem can be corrected.
  Common External Drive FAQs
  For Internal Hard Drives only
  If the FAQ articles have failed to solve the problem and you are using an Internal Hard Drive,run the Drive Fitness Test to verify the drive has malfunctioned.
  STEP 2 - Verify warranty eligibility
  With your hard drive's serial number, check to see if your drive is still covered under HGST's warranty using the tool below.
Choose the country/region where the replacement hard disk drive will be shipped to.
If your country is not listed then please return to your point of purchase.

Enter Serial number:

Enter the characters shown in the image below, then click the 'Check Warranty' button.
  STEP 3 - Return a product under warranty
  If you have verified your drive is valid for warranty by following step 2, you can create an RMA online by clicking the button below.
  If you need further assistance, please contact Technical Support
  STEP 4 - Check the status of a return
  If you have created an RMA by following step 3 or by contacting the HGST Technical Support center, you can check the status of your RMA by clicking the button below.
  If you do not have an update and still wish to get information on the status, please contact Technical Support