Meeting the Challenges of an Evolving Industry

The challenge is to deliver a larger variety content across many different devices. HGST enterprise-class solutions deliver the capacity and performance that Telcoms need to support broad product lines.

Increasing Performance and Capacity for Expanding Product Lines

Telecoms are expanding their product lines to attract new customers; offering voice, data, networking, cloud services, etc. Upgrading their infrastructures is the first step to managing massive amounts of data that broad product lines generate. HGST’s enterprise storage solutions deliver the performance, capacity and object storage necessary for the dynamic telecommunications industry.

HGST Active Archive Systems are ideal for Telecommunications data centers.

  • High capacity data collection and storage
  • Fast data access and retrieval
  • Regulatory compliance and analytics
  • Data security

Learn more about HGST Active Archive Object Storage.

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ActiveScale P100 system integrates large scale with compelling TCO.

  • Highly scalable, modular
  • Multi-Geo spreading
  • Cloud-based storage analytics
  • Outstanding TCO

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ActiveScale X100 system delivers object storage needs for cloud infrastructure.

  • Highly scalable, integrated system
  • Outstanding data consistency, availability, and durability
  • Cloud-based storage analytics
  • Highly attractive cost/TB

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HGST HelioSeal® Platform, the only drives that improve data center TCO on virtually every level.

  • Highest capacity HDDs
  • Power efficiency HDDs
  • TCOptimized™ design
  • Value $/TB

Learn more about HGST Ultrastar® He8 HDD.

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HGST PCIe SSDs, key building blocks for delivering server-side Flash solutions.

  • High-density form factors
  • High performance
  • High serviceability
  • NVMe compliant

Learn more about The HGST Ultrastar SN100 Series.

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