Can a modern Private Cloud solution for long-term retention of data be less expensive than tape? It may seem hard to believe but the answer is yes. By combining our heritage of innovation as the company that first introduced the hard disk drive with modern technologies such as deduplication, we make it affordable for IT organizations to transition to Cloud and finally get rid of tape.
Still Using Tape to Protect Your Business?
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Since the 1950s, magnetic tape has been the primary technology used to store large amounts of data for compliance purposes. The primary draw being that tape is inexpensive. However, many organizations fail to understand the true TCO of tape. What they do understand is that restoring data from tape requires lots of human intervention and is prone to failures.

As data rapidly become the key success driver for your business, will you continue to rely on error-prone systems and processes to protect your business?
The Power of ActiveScale Object Storage
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We have expertise throughout the entire storage technology stack and innovate at every level from the drives up to deliver some of the densest storage systems on the planet. Our partners provide unique and powerful solutions to maximize storage efficiency and deliver unified cloud storage and file services across data centers, branch offices and mobile users.

This combined strength creates a continuous data management solution for large-scale businesses, ending the dependency on costly legacy file servers, silos of disk storage systems and outdated tape libraries.
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