Hard Drive Support

Online Support for all HGST internal and external Hard Drives.

Support by Product Family

Internal Drive Support

Find manuals, data sheets and other documents for Internal Hard Drives.

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External Drive Support

HGST external Hard Drive Support information.

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Solutions Center

Knowledge Base

Search our Knowledge Base for How-To’s, FAQs and Troubleshooting tips.

Ask the Community

Can’t find what you’re looking for, visit the Community. Ask questions and share experiences with other community members.

Warranty and Returns

Warranty, RMA, and other product replacement information.

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Contact Support

Contact HGST Customer Support directly for questions or issues you may have with your hard drive(s) or create an on-line Support Case.

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Hard Drive Utilities, Drivers and other Downloads.

Compatibility Guide

Check compatibility with HGST storage products and Partner products.

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Drive Handling

View a video on how to safely handle HGST Hard Drives.

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Data Recovery Policy

HGST information and Data Recovery Service Providers.

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